Early Dental Care

visit our children's dental center for baby teeth treatment in Las VegasWhether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned professional, you already know that you’re the one responsible for your child’s health. That’s why you need a pediatric medical practice and a children’s dental center with professionals you can trust

Children’s Dental Center in Las Vegas

Here at Just for Kids Dentistry, your kids’ dentist wants to put your mind at ease about your child’s healthcare. We want to make visiting your children’s dental center easy, convenient, and enjoyable. Most importantly, we want to give your children healthy smiles that shine for a lifetime!

All About Baby Teeth

The primary teeth, also known as the baby teeth, play an important role in your child’s smile development. Without baby teeth, your child cannot chew food or speak clearly. The baby teeth also guide the secondary teeth into place to establish your child’s bite.

Children with missing baby teeth or misaligned baby teeth may benefit from taking action early. Treatments can be noninvasive and affordable at your children’s dental center. Our kids’ dentist will tell you that early treatment is far preferable to surgeries or extractions down the road.

A child’s baby teeth actually begin forming before birth. At as early as 4 months of age, the baby teeth may begin to push through the gums–first the lower central incisors, followed by the upper central incisors.

Permanent teeth begin to erupt around the age of 6, and the process continues until around the age of 21.
visit our children's dental center to speak with our kids' dentist in Las Vegas

Why are Primary Teeth Important?

Primary teeth, or baby teeth, are important because:

  1. They allow your child to eat and maintain a varied diet
  2. They encourage clear pronunciation and speech habits
  3. They give a healthy self-image to your child
  4. They guide the eruption of the permanent teeth

Giving Your Child a Great First Dental Visit

Every child is different. Some may feel fine during their first visit to the kids’ dentist, while others may feel more apprehensive.

Here at our children’s dental center in Las Vegas, we have created a warm and inviting environment. Children will receive dental care from professionals who genuinely care. They will have access to video games, prizes, and an entire office customized just for them. If you have a baby, child, or teen, we would love to meet them and help them achieve maximum oral health. To learn more about our children’s dental center and our caring kids’ dentist, contact us at Just for Kids Dentistry today!

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