get dental sealants to protect against cavities in children with our Las Vegas children's dentistCavities in children are extremely common. The problem is, most children are even more anxious than adults about dental fillings, root canal therapy, or dental implants and bridges.

Prevent Cavities in Children with Dental Sealants

Prevention is always easier than the cure, and that’s especially true in the case of cavities in children. Dental sealants are cheap and painless, yet highly effective in warding off tooth decay.

During your child’s routine dental visits, our pediatric professionals can apply dental sealants in a few minutes flat. A tooth sealant may be the solution to avoiding costly and invasive dental work down the road. Ask Dr. Dhillon if dental sealants are right for your child.

How Do Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities?

A tooth sealant works best for chewing teeth that have not yet developed cavities, but may be showing signs that they may develop there.

If your child has narrow grooves in the molars where bacteria can easily accumulate, Dr. Dhillon may suggest dental sealants. Cavities in children can be avoided with this simple preventative measure.

A tooth sealant seals off these grooves where bacteria likes to build. It blocks access to the grooves and gives the tooth an extra layer of protection against decay.

prevent cavities in children with tooth sealant from our children's dentist in Las VegasDuring the placement of dental sealants:

  1. Dr. Dhillon will clean and dry the teeth.
  2. He will roughen the enamel with an acid solution for proper bonding, then dry the tooth once again.
  3. Dr. Dhillon will paint the sealant onto the affected tooth.

Dental sealants are highly effective for children who have not yet experienced extensive dental work.

Safeguarding Your Children’s Smiles

Dental sealants last long enough to prevent cavities on baby teeth. They can also be highly useful for permanent teeth.

Although we see cavities in children frequently, that doesn’t have to be the case for your child. Dental sealants are a quick solution to prevent bacteria buildup. Call Just for Kids Dentistry to schedule your child’s appointment today! Located in the Centennial Hills area of Las Vegas.

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