Traditional Braces

get braces for kids at our Centennial Hills pediatric orthodontist in Las VegasTraditional braces are still the most common type of orthodontic treatment. Our traditional braces for kids consist of metal bands and small metal brackets cemented to the teeth.

Traditional Braces for Kids in Centennial Hills, NV

Traditional braces for kids offer a reliable, effective, and economical treatment that can resolve even the most complex orthodontic imperfections. To make your experience better, our pediatric orthodontist provides braces that are smaller and lighter than the metal braces of the past.

Braces will gradually move your child’s teeth through gentle forces exerted by the arch wire. This wire runs through all of the brackets to move all of the teeth as prompted by your pediatric orthodontist.
Traditional braces are great braces for kids because they are:

  • Fixed | Cannot be lost or misplaced
  • Customizable | With flexible elastics in a variety of colors that are changed monthly
  • Effective | For quick and precise movement of the teeth
  • Beneficial | Can give your child a healthy and confident smile for life

Why Wear Braces?

A question you might ask your kids’ orthodontist is why your child should wear braces in the first place. Here are some reasons why braces for kids are a great option:

  • Properly aligned teeth ensure easy chewing and biting
  • Straight teeth make it easier to speak properly and reduce speech impediments
  • Braces straighten the teeth so that they are easier to clean, and less susceptible to decay and disease
  • A good-looking smile will have a positive impact on their self-esteem, and social and professional interactions in the future

Braces for kids harness your child’s natural ability to remodel their bone and tissue. With the application of constant force, your child’s bone will begin to reshape so that their smile can vastly improve.
our Centennial Hills kids' orthodontist provides braces for kids in Las Vegas

Braces for Kids

Early orthodontic treatment is actually preferable to treatment for adults, because your kids’ orthodontist can take advantage of the natural growth processes as your child’s teeth are already shifting and changing. When your pediatric orthodontist catches growth problems early, they can make a change before the teeth grow in improperly and the bite is affected.

Your child should never have to deal with a smile that causes discomfort or embarrassment. A visit to your kids’ orthodontist can tell you more about your child’s unique needs.

Children’s dentist, Dr. Dhillon, and his team would love to get to know you and your family. We hope you’ll love our inviting office that’s customized just for kids! To learn more, contact us at Just for Kids Dentistry today.

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