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As this is written, summer is nearing an end and our kids are grumbling about the new, fast-approaching school year. As we take them to the store for school supplies, we are also scheduling a back-to-school dental checkup and teeth cleaning at Just for Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas.

Kids, like adults, should see the dentist every six months, and just before the start of a new school year is a good time for an appointment. No less an authority than the American Dental Association agrees that a new school year is an ideal time to make sure kids’ teeth are in good shape.

Healthy teeth can actually mean better attendance at school. Dental diseases cause children, in total, to miss more than fifty-one million school hours every year! Prevention and early detection can help to bring that under control.

One thing that kids and parents will agree on: the best kind of checkup is a cavity-free checkup. You can help make that happen by establishing a good dental health routine at home. That means brushing twice a day for at least two minutes, along with flossing. Remember that while kids, alas, grow up way too fast, that doesn’t mean they’re going to have the fine motor skills to do a good job on their teeth. They may object, but you should not hesitate to help them out, so their teeth get a thorough brushing.

If your kids object to seeing the dentist just before school starts, remind them that their next checkup and teeth cleaning will be a signal that the school year is nearing an end. That should cheer them. We can also apply dental sealants for an extra layer of protection. Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing our young patients at Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas.

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