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Going to the dentist on a regular basis is an important part of dental health care for children. Caring for young teeth is our specialty, at Just for Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas.

No kid likes going to the dentist, and we understand that. Our office is set up with kids in mind: a colorful, non-threatening place where youngsters can be comfortable with the instruments and equipment we use.

Just like adults, kids should have a cleaning and checkup every six months. We recommend¬† that your child’s appointment be made for a time of day when you know he or she is well-rested, and the mostly likely to be in a cooperative mood.

Even when everyone has the best intentions, kids can be apprehensive when the time comes. It’s important for parents and caregivers to be positive. Don’t use words like “pain” or “shot.” Instead, make it clear that we use special tools that help us keep their teeth healthy.

Before the appointment, you should listen careful to what your child is saying. If you think they’ve got any concerns about the checkup, encourage them to share them. Remind them that you, too, go to the dentist.

Once your child is in our chair, we will inspect their teeth for any signs of decay. Either the dentist or the hygienist may apply fluroide to make teeth stronger. We’ll review brushing technique and offer tips for improvement, if necessary. We may take x-rays.

When the checkup is over, you may want to reward your child with something special, like a trip to the playground. That can help them make a positive association.

At Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas, we stress the importance of early dental care. Call us to schedule your child’s next cleaning and checkup today!

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