Dental Crowns for Kids

Your child’s baby teeth are only meant to last during childhood. But they are very important in a child’s development. If they become badly decayed or damaged, the team at Just For Kids Dentistry may recommend a dental crown.

Many parents are surprised at this recommendation, but it’s important that baby teeth, also called primary teeth, remain functional for quite a few years. The molars, for example, don’t fall out until your youngster reaches the age of around twelve. Keeping all the primary teeth healthy and intact is a big deal.


Sometimes these teeth become extensively decayed. When that happens, an ordinary filling may not be enough to restore it. At that point we recommend a dental crown.

Most often, pediatric dental crowns are made of stainless steel. Once decay has been removed and the remaining tooth thoroughly cleaned, the crown is cemented into place.

The dental crowns used on primary teeth are durable and provide good protection until the tooth finally falls out. Until then, it restores the shape, size, and function of the damaged tooth.

Dental crowns for children are one of the pediatric dentistry services provided by Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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