Dental Health for Las Vegas Kids

Parents always want what is best for their children. At Just for Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas, we want what’s best for kids, too, especially when it comes to their dental health.

We provide pediatric dentistry, and love seeing all of our young patients when they come in for appointments. And we share what we know with parents, so they can get their youngsters started on a dental hygiene program that will last a lifetime.

  • Make if Fun. Take a playful approach to teaching your kids how to take good care of their teeth and gums. No one likes lectures at that age. Kids are more likely to respond when it feels like a game.
  • Keep Calm. They’re just kids, so they’re bound to mess up here and there along the way. If your child refuses to brush one night, don’t get mad. Instead, praise them when they’re doing the right thing, and maybe offer a small reward like a sticker.
  • Get Products for Kids. There’s a range of oral care products designed with kids in mind. They might seem gimmicky, with cartoon characters and bright colors. If that’s what it takes to get them to brush, so much the better! And when you choose toothpaste with child-friendly flavors, they just might look forward to brushing at bedtime.
  • Set the Right Example. Be sure you not only take care of your own teeth, let your children know that you do, and that it’s important. Modeling good behavior can make all the difference.

Most important, schedule regular checkups and cleanings for your child. We’ll make sure their dental health is good, and stays that way. Call Just for Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas to set an appointment. We also provide emergency dental care.



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