Sedation Dentistry for Children

Children can benefit from sedation dentistry, just like adults. And they benefit for the same reasons: the mere thought of going to the dentist is too stressful, or the idea of having a cavity drilled is more than they can bear. Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas provides sedation in the form of nitrous oxide.

Known popularly as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide helps kids stay calm through their appointment. It is proven to be safe and effective; so much so, in fact, that it was first used in dentistry well over a hundred years ago, and remains the sedation method of choice for countless practices across the country.

Laughing gas is given through a mask worn over the child’s nose. Though we call it nitrous oxide, it is actually a mixture of nitrous and oxygen. It takes effect very quickly, and wears off quickly. While there are rare cases of having an upset stomach, in the vast majority of patients there are no side effects.

There is a reason why nitrous oxide is often called laughing gas. After it takes effect, your child will feel giddy, even euphoric. Unlike other types of sedation dentistry, they will remain conscious the entire time.

At most practices, nitrous oxide is the preferred method of sedation dentistry for children who are anxious about dental treatment. Of course, we advise that you talk about it with your child ahead of time. Whether it’s a checkup and cleaning or some other early dental care, Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas wants to make your child’s appointment a success. Schedule an appointment today.

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