The Importance of Early Dental Care

If your child has passed his or her first birthday but hasn’t seen a dentist for the first time, it’s time to make an appointment with Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas.

The sooner kids start seeing the dentist on a regular basis, the better their dental health is going to be. What we like to do with our pediatric dentistry is get our young patients on the road to a lifetime of good dental health. Plain and simple!

The American Dental Association recommends infants see the dentist by their first birthday. If their teeth start coming in before that, then that is the time to bring them in. Early dental checkups prevent tooth decay, and children with healthy teeth have an easier time chewing and speaking clearly. Their smiles are a whole like nicer, too.

Moms and dads can learn from taking their youngsters in for regular checkups:

  • How to brush their children’s teeth
  • The importance of a healthy diet
  • Never put a child to bed with a bottle of milk or juice

The sad fact is that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children in the United States. But with excellent pediatric dentistry at Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas just a phone call away, it doesn’t have to be that way. Early dental care is our specialty. Schedule a checkup and cleaning for your young one today.

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