Tooth Decay: There Is Hope!

Tooth decay is still the most common chronic disease in American children between the ages of six and nineteen. That’s why the dentist at Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas recommends proper dental hygiene and regular checkups at our office.

Cavities happen when foods with carbohydrates are left on the teeth. Carbohydrates are sugar and starches, and they’re in a lot of what we all eat and drink every day: for starters, it means milk, cereal, and bread. And then there are the obvious culprits like sweets, including candy and fruit juices.

Our mouths are always teeming with bacteria. Some of these bacteria can change these foods into acids and contribute to the formation of plaque. Plaque is that filmy stuff that sticks to teeth, and causes cavities.

All of this is why it is so important to make sure your kids brush their teeth twice a day. When they’re little it’s up to you to do it. But once they take over, it’s really important to make sure they do a good job. It’s also important to make sure their toothpaste contains fluoride.

All of this can be frightening. But parents seem to be getting the message, because the rates of tooth decay in children have actually declined in recent years.

It’s still too high, and tooth decay is still a major issue. But with regular brushing and flossing, and visits to Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas, you can make sure you child has good dental health. We specialize in pediatric dentistry. Ask us about dental sealants, and schedule an appointment for your youngster today!

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