Tooth Pain: What To Do

One of the hardest things we experience as parents is seeing one of our children in pain. Whether it’s a scraped knee or a bee sting, it’s difficult – but at least we can reach for the first aid kit. If it’s tooth pain, you should pick up the phone and call us at Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas.

The most likely cause of a toothache is a cavity. You don’t want your child to suffer, of course. For the short term, rinsing out your child’s mouth with warm salt water may help. Another short-term solution is applying ice wrapped in a towel up against your child’s face.

A few drops of oil of cloves on a cotton swab can also help to soothe tooth pain. Just rub it gently against the affected tooth. It may help to dilute the oil of cloves with olive oil. But oil of cloves isn’t one of those things that everyone has handy. You can usually find it in a health food store.

In any case, these are only to provide short-term relief. The best thing is to get your child to us as soon as possible. The treatment we provide depends on what we find going on. If there’s a cavity we’ll fill it. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, more than half of all American children will have had at least one cavity by the age of five.

At Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas, we provide pediatric dentistry and early dental care. We want all of our patients to have healthy teeth and gums, which is why we emphasize good dental health habits at home, and seeing us twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. So brush and floss twice a day, and make an appointment with us today.

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