Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction, or a tooth removal, may seem intimidating to a child. In reality, the procedure is relatively easy and surprisingly comfortable.

Your child can remain conscious while they have their tooth pulled, but still experience zero pain. Dr. Dhillon may recommend local anesthetic injections or nitrous oxide.

Some of the reasons your child may need to have teeth pulled include:

  • Crowding | A crowded mouth of permanent or baby teeth can be harmful to your child’s jaw, bite, and self-esteem. We may recommend tooth removal to prepare the mouth for a healthier smile.
  • Infection | When tooth decay reaches the inner tissues of your child’s tooth, it is crucial to seek treatment before the infection spreads. Tooth extraction is an effective way to protect your child’s health.
  • Gum disease | Gum disease can loosen the adult or baby teeth. In extreme cases, having the teeth pulled and replaced is the best course of action.

Dr. Dhillon relies on other restorative treatments more heavily than tooth extraction, but sometimes, tooth removal is the best way to save your child’s smile.

Ensuring a Safe and Comfortable Extraction Experience

You can expect a pleasant tooth removal experience at Just for Kids Dentistry. We are dedicated to all aspects of your child’s wellbeing.

Guaranteed comfort | Having teeth pulled doesn’t have to be as brutal as it sounds! Most patients only notice pressure, but feel no pain during tooth removal, thanks to local anesthesia. Depending on the parent’s preference and the condition of the child, nitrous oxide may be a safe way to help your child relax during their tooth extraction.

Accurate treatment | Dr. Dhillon is an experienced professional who delivers precise results.

Devoted after-care | We’re here for you and your child during the brief recovery process. After having teeth pulled, we will provide you with the instructions you need to remain comfortable.

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