Why Choose Us

Adults and children alike tend to feel uncomfortable at the dental office. At Just for Kids Dentistry, we have taken special measures to change that.

We have set up our office with children in mind. We make our young patients feel comfortable with instruments, equipment, and entertainment that is right for them.

Dr. Deep Dhillon has extensive training and experience in pediatric dentistry, and can provide precise treatments while fostering genuine relationships with his patients. To learn more about why you might want to choose Just for Kids Dentistry, read on or give us a call.

Convenience Counts!

Between managing you own hectic schedule and your child’s school and activities, it may be hard to find free time to visit the dentist. Because those regular dental visits are so important to your child’s oral health, we want to make it easier for you.

We offer evening, Saturday and Sunday hours to better serve our valued patients. We can also offer block scheduling and same-day emergency care.

Compassionate Staff

Dr. Dhillon and his team are dedicated to making your child’s first dental experience anything but scary! We know these initial appointments are important in molding their health habits for the rest of their lives. We create a positive environment with smiling faces and practitioners who truly love their patients.

Exciting Environment

If your child associates dental visits with fun, they are more likely to cooperate and even enjoy their appointments! We top off patient amenities and entertainment options with video games and prizes. Your child won’t be disappointed when they visit Just for Kids Dentistry.

Calming Sedation

For children who are uneasy about the dentist, we can provide gentle dental sedation. In contrast to general anesthesia, which renders the individual unconscious, nitrous oxide simply reduces the child’s anxiety and discomfort while leaving them totally conscious. Nitrous oxide is perfectly safe for young patients and can make any procedure stress-free.

Come Find Out if We’re Right for You

We are passionate about providing excellent pediatric dentistry! We are happily accepting new patients and most PPO insurances.

To learn more about our office, don’t hesitate to call Just for Kids Dentistry today.