When They First Come In: Baby Teeth in Las Vegas

When your baby’s teeth first begin to come in, there is probably going to be some pain. Those new teeth cutting through baby gums can make your baby irritable, but chances are he or she has no words yet to tell you what’s going on. At Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Cool temperatures work wonders on pain. Just like you’d put ice on a sprained ankle, offer your baby something cool to chew on. Don’t offer ice, or anything else that’s frozen. Things that are too hard can damage a baby’s gums. One good option is a wet washcloth that’s been stored in the refrigerator (not the freezer) for a few hours. Another idea is a refrigerated pacifier.

If your baby is on solids, try offering chilled fruit. (Again, nothing frozen.) Ice cream is a nice treat, too –but all things in moderation, even at an early age.

Pressure provides much-needed relief to sore young gums. We mentioned a cool washcloth above. Your baby might want to keep chewing on it, even after it’s a room temperature.

You can find teething products at the store, too, including rubber teething rings. And we remember finding teething bagels at a nearby bagel shop. Kids loved them!

As your baby’s teeth come in, make an appointment with Just For Kids Dentistry in Las Vegas for an all-important first checkup. We’ll make sure everything is coming in okay. We provide early dental care for our young friends, and ongoing pediatric dentistry as they grow into toddlers.

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